Technology Services

Pathologist Diagnostic Services has several different ways to accommodate your technological needs when it comes to placing your pathology orders electronically and receiving your Pathology reports.

Desktop Delivery System

This is a utility installed on your office computer that will receive your pathology reports electronically and deliver them to your computer.  The software will periodically check for finalized pathology reports on your patients.  These reports can be auto-printed to your printer, if paper is preferred, or imported in your office EMR system, if your system can import a file from a directory.


Outreach is the system that you can use to view your pathology reports electronically.  This gives you the convenience of pulling your pathology reports from anywhere you have internet access, including your smart phones or smart devices (such as iPads). 

Outreach can also be used for placing pathology orders electronically.  This allows you to log on to a secure website, look up your patient, and place an order for anatomic pathology service.  It will generate a requisition and label for you to put on the specimen and send to us.  NO HAND-WRITTEN REQUISITIONS!

For any information or to schedule an Outreach Demo, please contact Carla Smith at 336-718-3771.

EMR Interfaces

We have the ability to interface with nearly all EMR or EHR systems.  We can request an interface between your EMR vendor and our software vendor, Psyche, in standard HL7, socket to socket format or using our desktop delivery system (above).